Friday, November 12, 2010

Dorsey Girl's Retreat.


This was the first ever Dorsey Girl's Retreat...and it was a blast!  Can you see how natureous (I'm pretty aware that is not a real word) we all are? We had a blast being together. 

I loved spending some QT with my pretty sister!

Me, Mom, Cousin Kari, and Ellen...just hanging out on a bolder!

Me, Cousin Harper, Cousin Kari, Ellen

This is the entire clan!  Can you believe we are related??

Andy is a brave man!  He came along with make sure we did not get eaten by a bear!!

This is everyone hanging out by the camp fire the last night.  We had such a fun time being together..we laughed a ton!  I hope this year was the first of many more fun Retreats!!

Thank you! Love you!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Birthday Dinner.

So there is this one thing that happens once a year...Birthdays.  My entire life this has been a day that is full of joy and celebration on becoming "older".  This was my first year to take a step back and realize what was happening.  I was turning..."older".  Yes, it is true...I am at the age where people stop celebrating their age.  I knew this day would come...I just had no clue it would be this soon! 
So I took a deep breath and decided that I am not going to let a number rule my life and tell me how old I am!  So I decided to celebrate my birthday in style with a few of my friends.  We went to a Mexican restaurant and had a great dinner! 

My pretty friends!

Megan, Me, Kayla

Megan and Jeremy = Super Cute!

Wes, Patrick (yes, he is holding hot sauce) Aaron

Jake, Molly, and Alex

Thanks to all of my friends who made my birthday really special.  I also want to thank my Dad, Mom, and sister...they sent me beautiful flowers to work!

Thank you!  Love you!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Celebrity Halloween Party!!

My friend Mev had an awesome Halloween Party at her house.  Believe it or not...there were several celebrities that showed up at the party...take a look!!

Malibu Barbie and Ken showed up...they came in their pink convertible!

Roger and Jessica Rabbit showed up...they were super fun!

What would a party be without Harry Potter??  Harry was casting spells all night!

At the end of the night we had some bikers show up...they were pretty tough and scary!!

Barbie decided to help Jessica Rabbit out...she had some carrot in her teeth!!

Daisy Duke, Snow Boarder, Bottle of Mustard, Harry, and Biker

Daisy, Barbie, Biker. Kitty Cat, and Jessica Rabbit

You definitely can not have a party without a bottle of Mustard !

I hope everyone had a great Halloween.  This Holiday is one of my favorite because it kicks of the Holiday season!!  Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner!! 

Thank you!  Love you!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pep Talk.

Sometimes in life... you need a pep talk.  I do not know how you "pep" yourself up, but I know what I do when I need a little pep in my step.  Now go ahead and laugh if you want...but when I need a little pep talk...I usually look at myself in the mirror and talk...(I am not going to tell you what I say!!  but go ahead and guess if you want!! )  Look sometimes a person has to do what a person has to do!  My cousin Melissa sent me this link ...and I laughed out loud.  I feel like we should all follow this little girls example...I think it will help us get through the rest of the week!!!  Only 2 more days till the weekend!!!!

I also want to tell you that my next blog will be a guest speaker.  Stay tuned to see who!!!!  Thank you!!  Love you!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Perfect Weekend.

My idea of a perfect weekend would include going to the beach and attending a wedding.  I want to thank Logan and Cory White for deciding to have their wedding at the made for a perfect weekend trip!  Here is how the weekend went...Andy and I flew to FL on Friday afternoon...Danny and Corinne picked us up from the FL airport in Corinne's convertable (it was 9:30 at night and Corinne and I were in the back seat..we were freezing.. and my hair was all over the place!)  We went to our cute little condo that over looked the beach is what happened once we got to the condo...we waited on Andy and Danny ...Andy immediately changes clothes and Danny was playing with his camera...(Corinne and I do a lot of waiting... a lot!) We went and ate at a total hole in the wall restraunt...and it was great!  I ordered fish tacos...yummmy!  The next day Andy and I woke up early and went for a walk on the was perfect.  After our walk...we met Danny and Corinne for breakfast at Miss Lucy's Gossip's adorable!  After breakfast...I then spent the entire day laying on the beach...once again it was perfect.  I happen to run into my mom and some of her crazy friends who were also at the beach for their Girls Trip!

Here is the best part: The Wedding!  Logan and Cory are great friends of ours.  We grew up with them.  Andy and Logan grew up next door to each other...Logan was always like Andy's sister.  Logan and Cory got married on the bay.. and as you can tell from the pictures..the bride and venue was absolutely georgous!  I am so happy for Logan and Cory!  They are incredible friends and I feel so blessed that I was able to be apart of their special day. The night was a blast and we danced the night away!  To have the opportunity to go to the beach and attend a wedding ...p.e.r.f.e.c.t.  So who is getting married next???? ...and can it be at the beach???? 

Now please take a good look at this next picture:  Yes, this is a real picture...not a reenactment.

Here is how the following picture happened.
1. Danny tied the tie
2. Danny looked in mirror
3. Danny sees all the wrinkles in the tie
4. Danny sees an iron already out and on
5. Danny irons tie

All I can say... ridiculous.

We had a perfect weekend with friends and family.
Thank you!!  Love you!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I am not ashamed to say it, if I could I would go to prom again.  I am that girl, and I am OK with it!  I love getting dressed up, putting lots of make-up on, and taking lots of pictures!  I mean what is not to love about the last three things I just said??!!  One of the pros of Andy still being in school...formals! ! !  There is a Formal every Fall at the Dental School.  YaY!  The formal is called "Ball on the Bell".  Here is the reason for the name, The Bell of Louisville is a huge boat (for all of you Nashville people...think about the General Jackson...its pretty much the same thing!)  The Dental School rents the boat out for the night and that is where the formal takes place.  Here is how the night went... I went and got ready with An and Kayla...because it's just fun to get ready with girls!!  An lives in an awesome condo that has an incredible view of Louisville.  An hosted the Pre-Party at her was a blast!  Andy's birthday was a few days before the formal, but we did not get to celebrate a ton because he had a huge test the day after his birthday.  Being the great wife that I am (hehehe...I had to add that!) ... I got a huge cake and surprised was great!  Everyone hung out at An's for a while and then we went to the boat for the formal.  On the boat there was a huge dance floor and we all danced the night away!  The night was a blast and as you can tell from the pictures, everyone looked great!  I am glad to know that I will get to go to at least 2 more formals!!

All of the handsome guys.

All of the beautiful girls.

My handsome date.

Kayla, An, and me!

Andy and Alex busting a move!

Andy walking in to everyone yelling SURPRISE!

Please notice how excited Andy is about this picture!

Thank you !!  Love you!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good Ideas: CANDYCORN !

When I think of a good idea...and I think about where that idea came usually came from someone else.  If the good idea came from someone else...then is it considered "my good idea" you see what I am saying??  Well I am just here to say... other people usually have better ideas...and I wish I could say they were my ideas, but they're not!!!! HAHAHA! For example:  My mom is Queen of good ideas.... a really great Fall idea that she gave me was to put CANDY CORN in any glass vases I have out.  Putting the CANDY CORN in glass vases will give you a nice orange, fall, and Halloween look!  The best part about CANDY can get an entire bag of CANDYCORN at The Dollar Store for guessed it...$1.00 !!!  Such a cute, cheap, and fun Fall idea!!!  You can thank my Mom for the cute CANDY CORN idea ...because the idea...well it was not my idea!!!!!  I am just thankful for people who have good ideas and are willing to share them!

Happy Fall !!!

Thank you!  Love you!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall is in the air ...dahh da da da dahhh!

Yes, it is true...Fall is here!  There are so many reasons this is is on TV, sweaters are in stores, and the holidays are just around the corner!  I think I am one of those people who puts up seasonal decorations way to soon.  You know what...I don't care if it is to soon...there are only about 4 months out of the year where we get to put all sorts of adorable extra decorations out in the house!  I LOVE holiday decorations.  Last Sunday, my Dad, Mom, and sister came up for the day to see me and help put out fall decorations!  My newest Halloween addition is this pumpkin with our monogram on it.  Mrs. Wicke (Andy's mom) got this adorable pumpkin for us.  The pumpkins are on sale...half Hobby Lobby (at least they were last week!) ...Check it out!!  The cream pumpkin made for a great new fall table center piece! 

Ellen (my very pretty sister)is SO talented!  She made this adorable spider picture frame above!...and YES that us in the picture frame...2 Halloween's ago..I was a bunny and I think Ellen is a dancing something! haha..  She is majorly into decoupage.  I have another post coming with more of her adorable picture frames!  Thank you Ellen!!  XOXO

My Mom (who is in the above picture) is an incredible decorator!  My house looks like a big Fall's amazing!  Thank you Mom!  XOXO 
My two favorite men.  No other words need to be said.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Eggplant is often forgot about (by me anyways!)!  I tend to forget how much I love it... here is the key word..FRIED eggplant!  It is so easy to make and is delicious.  I do not follow a certain recipe..just kind of make it as I is that easy!  All you need is eggplant, flour,bread crumbs, eggs, and hot oil!  To make my eggplant a little more tasty... I added tomato, basil, and mozzarella to the top of a few.  You can never go wrong with with good sides... mac and cheese (whole wheat noodles, of course) and lima beans! was a good dinner!