Sunday, November 7, 2010

Birthday Dinner.

So there is this one thing that happens once a year...Birthdays.  My entire life this has been a day that is full of joy and celebration on becoming "older".  This was my first year to take a step back and realize what was happening.  I was turning..."older".  Yes, it is true...I am at the age where people stop celebrating their age.  I knew this day would come...I just had no clue it would be this soon! 
So I took a deep breath and decided that I am not going to let a number rule my life and tell me how old I am!  So I decided to celebrate my birthday in style with a few of my friends.  We went to a Mexican restaurant and had a great dinner! 

My pretty friends!

Megan, Me, Kayla

Megan and Jeremy = Super Cute!

Wes, Patrick (yes, he is holding hot sauce) Aaron

Jake, Molly, and Alex

Thanks to all of my friends who made my birthday really special.  I also want to thank my Dad, Mom, and sister...they sent me beautiful flowers to work!

Thank you!  Love you!

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