Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I am not ashamed to say it, if I could I would go to prom again.  I am that girl, and I am OK with it!  I love getting dressed up, putting lots of make-up on, and taking lots of pictures!  I mean what is not to love about the last three things I just said??!!  One of the pros of Andy still being in school...formals! ! !  There is a Formal every Fall at the Dental School.  YaY!  The formal is called "Ball on the Bell".  Here is the reason for the name, The Bell of Louisville is a huge boat (for all of you Nashville people...think about the General Jackson...its pretty much the same thing!)  The Dental School rents the boat out for the night and that is where the formal takes place.  Here is how the night went... I went and got ready with An and Kayla...because it's just fun to get ready with girls!!  An lives in an awesome condo that has an incredible view of Louisville.  An hosted the Pre-Party at her was a blast!  Andy's birthday was a few days before the formal, but we did not get to celebrate a ton because he had a huge test the day after his birthday.  Being the great wife that I am (hehehe...I had to add that!) ... I got a huge cake and surprised was great!  Everyone hung out at An's for a while and then we went to the boat for the formal.  On the boat there was a huge dance floor and we all danced the night away!  The night was a blast and as you can tell from the pictures, everyone looked great!  I am glad to know that I will get to go to at least 2 more formals!!

All of the handsome guys.

All of the beautiful girls.

My handsome date.

Kayla, An, and me!

Andy and Alex busting a move!

Andy walking in to everyone yelling SURPRISE!

Please notice how excited Andy is about this picture!

Thank you !!  Love you!!

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